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Life is way too busy sometimes; betweent he holidays, moving, adjusting to a new sleep schedule (hello, waking up at 5:45) and a new work schedule, I’ve been exhausted.

Case in point:  There’s a needlework shop three miles from my house.  Since I moved in November, have I investigated it?


(It took me until last month to get my library card.   At which point I felt like I finally lived in this city, instead of being some sort of random transient.)   The geek in me feels that a library card is very important.  In my old city, I never used the library much, mainly because it was stocked full of Tom Clancy and James Patterson and that was it, but this city has several libraries.  The one that’s two blocks from me has a pretty good selection, actually, and it’s a testament to my weirdness that I feel like I should be showing my library card off to people.   Yes!  I actually live in this city!  See, my library card is proof.  Good heavens.

My card does have very attractive pictures of hot air balloons on it, though.

Work life has been busy; my personal life has sort of reached an even keel.   And if you want something as a constant, why yes, I am still working on Sleepy Hollow.


There has never been a Stars team without this man for me:

Sergei Zubov

I’m so deeply sad to see him go.   In a lot of ways, Sergei Zubov embodied 99% of what I enjoy about the Dallas Stars.   It feels strange to see him under contract for another team.    It feels like a door has closed on an era of hockey for me, the finality of which I’m sure won’t hit home until they retire his jersey here at the arena.

Fare thee well, Mr. Zubov.   May you have great success in the Motherland.

(My mother, upon hearing the news of his new contract, exclaimed:   “Not Mr. KGB Man!  No!   What are we going to do without him?”   This from the lady who watches maybe 2 hockey games a year … with me.)


I currently need about 26 hours during the day to get everything done.

… That’s all.


I haven’t updated in forever, mainly because the movie blog’s been taking up all my free time and then I’ve been sick, family’s been sick and we’ve had a death in the family.

My camera is MIA again, but here’s what’s been done since last time I updated:

  • Sleepy Hollow’s not anywhere near done, but good progress made;
  • Halfway through crocheting a blanket for my mom;
  • Potatoes, squash, onions, collard greens, tomatoes and raspberries planted in the garden, with more onions to be planted;
  • Teaching myself to (badly) knit – I think I’ve got casting on finally learned.

As far as cooking goes, I made a German chocolate cake the other night and I have to say, never again or at least not for a very long time.  Six bowls and a carton of eggs after starting, I ended up with a tasty cake but covered in coconut and pecans and chocolate and meringue.  It was not a pretty sight and baking that cake, then making an entire dinner from scratch nearly killed me for the night.

I have Star Trek this weekend and then an unholy backlog of movies to work through.  I haven’t picked up needle and thread in forever – my fingers are itching.   I’ll find the time somewhere, I guess.


I haven’t updated in forever, mainly because my camera has vanished.  I’m sad and not sad simultaneously, because it gives me a new excuse to buy a new camera, which I have wanted forever, but it also means spending money, which I’m becoming notoriously good at not doing.


We had an excellent Christmas, with food, family and fun presents.  I got a lot of cooking related things, which was amazing, considering that Dad got me a creme brulee set complete with butane torch.  I don’t know if I was touched more by the fact that my father knew I wanted a creme brulee set without me saying anything or the fact that he trusts me with a butane flame of DEATH.

I made three New Year’s resolutions this year, all of which I firmly intend on doing, but this year I have to stick to them.  I always break my New Year’s resolutions, and this year I’d really prefer to not suck at that.

1.   Get all my debt PAID OFF.

2.  Quit smoking.

3.   Lose weight.
I have sworn to quit smoking for six years and so far, it hasn’t worked out too well, but we’ll see.    I guess.   These things take planning.  Planning and work, I’ve discovered.

In other news, I finally ordered the linen for Sleepy Hollow, so I can start as soon as it gets here (sometime next week).   I’m so burned out on Christmas stitching that I’ll be glad to have something to rotate with Ethan’s baby sampler.


So life has been kind of hectic lately.   Oops.  My bad.

Over the past couple of months, I find myself becoming more and more frugal – or cheap – however you want to put it.   In trying to save to buy a house and all the miscellaneous items that come with it, I rapidly realized I had to cut back and get the debt down as much as possible.

I’m still carrying old student loans and credit cards, so I’m working on getting those paid down.  (The last of my student loans is so close to being paid off.)

It’ll still take me a while to get the house, but as long as I can maintain what I’m doing, I’ll be there in a year and a half, I think.    I set up an emergency fund and today it’s sitting pretty, gaining interest while I add to it.  It’s not a ton of money, but it’s nice to know that I’m adding to it and that I have something there in case something bad happens.  *knock on wood that nothing does*

I checked my credit score today and got much better news than I thought I would.   My FICO score is infinitely better than I expected.    Normally in this kind of case I would’ve gone and bought a whole bunch of stuff I just didn’t need, but the warm glow of satisfaction is sufficient enough at this very moment.

In other news, my camera is STILL being borrowed, so I have no fun pictures.

…At the moment.

Also, I need to put together a wishlist of stitching stuff, mainly so I can have it all organized.  I went to go spend a few bucks on charts (I budgeted for it and everything!   Eee!) and then realized I couldn’t even remember what all I wanted.



So I start my second job today.


Between looking for one and getting one, I haven’t had much time to blog other than about movies.   I’ll probably have an update tonight.   As the French would say….le sigh.


So I’m having one of those very annoying early twenties crises.

I think I’ll be pretty mopey and bummed out until the -Ookies get here on Saturday and I see NKOTB on Sunday, so if I’m a total bummer, that’s why.

It is like twenty things hit me at once and I don’t even know how to make sense of it all.  Sigh.  This is so melancholy and emo, but I’m giving everyone fair warning that this should be a fun week to be around me.  (Until Saturday when I see THE OOKIES!  In person!  LIVE!)


Oh my god, Christmas is right around the corner and I don’t even have one done!   ACK.


Everyone’s doing it; I’m just fashionably late.   100 random things about me (how fitting!) starting with numbers 1 through 25.

1.  I just found out that the guy who was my first major crush, my first slow dance and the first guy I ever really cried over is on tour with The Toadies.   How weird is that?

2.  I have a scar right below my lower lip where I fell out of a trash can when I was eight.   It’s a long story.

3.  In high school, my goal was to become a professional writer in some way – although what I was leaning toward when I graduated was becoming a foreign affairs correspondent.   It was my dream to work for the BBC, despite having somewhat of a handicap due to the fact that I’m not British.

4.   I am named the same name twice; my middle name is the Anglicized version of my Irish first name.   And yes, my mother knew she was naming me the same name twice.   She thinks this is funny.

5.   My last meal would be fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, fried okra, Texas toast with a chocolate milkshake, a beer and a glass of Jameson’s Irish whiskey, with peach cobbler to finish everything off.

6.  I can never decide if my favorite color is blue or green.

7.  I keep Googling lists of the best literature ever so that I can make a list and read all of it.   I’m always afraid that I’m some sort of uneducated shlub, so I do my best to stay on top of the learning thing.

8.  After ditching the journalism thing, I wanted to work in something involving Holocaust history, particularly after meeting a survivor of Auschwitz.   I later on realized I didn’t have the mental fortitude to withstand working in that area for years.

9.  When I was a kid, someone asked me, “Where did you get those big blue eyes?”   I promptly answered with, “At a party!”

10.   Having children has never crossed my mind.   I don’t envision myself as a parent, nor do I think I would make a good one.   Some people come up with baby names; I come up with future dog names.

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